Canine Club

Dogs All Day Canine Club Membership

Welcome to the Dogs All Day Canine Club Membership – an exclusive membership designed to pamper your pets and elevate their pet experience! As a cherished member, you’ll unlock a world of tail-wagging perks.

Unleash Exclusive Benefits as a Monthly Canine Club Member:

  1. Grooming Savings: Enjoy significant savings on grooming services (approx $35 per groom), along with discounts on same-day services such as nail trims and face and feet trims.
  2. Retail Discounts: Receive a continuous 5% discount on all retail purchases at Pawsh Pets or Dogs All Day, ensuring you can spoil your pet with the finest products.
  3. Monthly Promotions: Be part of special monthly promotions, such as Dental Month, featuring substantial discounts (up to 20% off) on select products exclusively for Canine Club members.
  4. Annual Membership Bonus: All annual members, regardless of payment method, qualify for a complimentary credit. Enjoy a free booking at Dogs All Day or treat your dog to a complimentary all-day daycare visit. Drop off your pup in the morning for a minimum 1-hour off-leash pack walk in our private fenced forest, accommodating groups of up to 8 dogs.
Standard Monthly Membership Saver Monthly Membership Retail Splendor Membership
For a monthly fee of $19.99, enjoy Dogs All Day Canine Club benefits without any additional spending requirements. Subscribe for a monthly fee of $9.99 if your retail or daycare spending falls between $75 and $149, and revel in exclusive Canine Club perks. Wave the membership fee by spending $150 or more on retail purchases at Pawsh Pets or Dogs All Day.
$19.99 /Month $9.99/ Month $150 per month spent
Daycare Enthusiast Membership Saver Monthly Membership Total Canine Lifestyle Membership
Enjoy a waived membership fee with monthly spending of $150 or more on daycare or pack walks. Qualify for a waived membership fee by spending $150 or more per month on Dogs All Day Rentals. Indulge in the ultimate Dogs All Day Canine Club experience with a waived membership fee by spending $150 or more each month on a combination of retail, daycare/pack walks, and Dogs All Day Rentals.

Do you qualify for our exclusive Canine Club Membership based on your spending?  To explore this exciting opportunity, please reach out to us directly at We look forward to welcoming you into our Canine Club community!